2008: Dreams Come True

Convinced by my own thought that it is necessary to fill this blog as soon as possible, so here I am sitting in the corner of my sister’s desk. Using her internet access too,actually.

I promised myself at the previous Lebaran, November 2007(was it?) that I must do a revolution for my future and must do it at 2008. So I went to a bookstore, searching for a book in the “Self Enrichment” section (I did went to the Religion section but didn’t find anything useful). Suddenly a provocative title grabbed my eyes. The book titled “YOU CAN BE AMAZING – a self hypnosis that change your life” was on the shelves.

This book was written by Ursula James, a PhD of Psychology who mastered hypnotherapy. Since people amazed with “The Secret” which I found too philosophized, this book answers my problem analytically, structured, and gives a structured solution too.
She told me about how the brain-wave works. She told me about unconscious mind and it’s brain-wave. The book also contains with a self-hypnosis CD, and of course this is the most important thing of this book!

I listened to this CD, and ….. dunno why, it works!!!

For example. During the hypnosis, I visualized myself playing the piano freely and without being nervous during The 3rd Level Piano Exam. At the examination day, I felt my hands and fingers were warm, normal, no shaking. That was amazing! I could play 4 repertoires without failure!
Kuhlau Sonatina opus 33 no.5 first movement, Burgmuller’s Ballade, Bach’s Polonaise, and one modern song of Giles Swayne, “Ice Cream Van”. But I did a little failure on scale.

In my own opinion, I ‘m down under the other students who already got their classic piano education in the formal ways. So I thought I would take B or C for the result.

But my feeling told me that I was playing so good. I was happy with my playing, and I could even feel the spirit of the repertoire.

So I did the self-hypnosis again, instructed by the CD. I visualized the letter “A” or “B” on the wall, beside my name. That would be my Exam’s result. And guess what happened? One month after the exam, I see an “A-” score on the Information Board, beside my name!

Is this the only resolution for 2008? Surely not. I’ll tell you what’s next to be visualized


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