Travel and Dream, Begin!

One of my reason to write this blog is to find a space where I can share my trips stories and dreams (and the way to make them come true!). Since I found Kang Ocon’s blog, at the same time I’ve made my new year’s resolution, I decided to keep the traveller side of me on spirit!

My next trip will be Singapore. I’ll take a morning flight with Air Asia to Batam, then cross the strait to Singapore by ferry. According to Kang Ocon’s suggestion, and also my sister’s friend Prima who lives in Singapore, the recommended places to sleep are Cozy Corner, InnCrowd, NSS, and Sleepy Sam. We found other places too in internet like Fern Loft and  Betel Box.

Me and my sister  Mely  have contacted those hostels via e-mail. Unfortunately NSS is fully booked, InnCrowd has no female-only dormitory, Fern Loft is too far from the city, and Betel Box – though I don’t mind at all! I’m quiet interested with this area because of the Peranakan Heritage and of course because of the hostel’s unique building – is kinda ‘red district area’.

Cozy Corner and Sleepy Sam replied our reservation e-mail, and now we don’t know what to choose! In Cozy Corner, we get a private room for S$43. Many people in the internet, including Kang Ocon, give positive reviews about the very strategic place. But the interior is not really fancy for me. Sleepy Sam was recommended by Prima, but we only get the female dormitory for S$22 per person. But the interior of this place is fancy, and located in a strategic area too.

Well, we haven’t decide yet. Any suggestion, ladies and gentlemen?


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