My weekend will be in overseas!

I’ve never been this excited since my last overseas trip at 2006 to Istanbul. I guess this is the most exciting moment for me! Though the trip will be a regional-range destination (It’ll be Singapore!) but I am sooooo….happy!!! Can’t wait for that!!!

Maybe because this is my FIRST overseas trip which is paid by myself :p ! Thank to my Dad who did a veeeeeeery tough “financial diet” training since I was a kid, but then turned to be more significant since 1999, when he stopped affording me except for the university tuition fee (only the fee, not the books 😦 and other things I need). It was the first time in my life when I realize that I have to manage my own financial life.

A looong savings time and of course all the making money things have fulfilled my life since then. I did a ‘crash diet’ also, when I have to cut my expenditure for pleasures, shopping and holidays (aaarghk! Whatta hard tiiiime!!!) for about 4 years. Especially when I quit from the advertising job and started my own business. That was the most expensive financial management lesson for me. I learn how to play beautifully on my cash flow.

So! This year I’m so happy I have the opportunity to please myself between the crazy clients. Though I can make Australia or Europe for the destination but again my Dad’s “Uncle Scrooge” (Paman Gober) thought has warned me to “play beautifully on my cash flow”. That’s why Singapore becomes my destination choice. For only IDR 2.500.000, I can have a 3 days of backpacking time of my own. And at the other side, the rest of my savings can be used for another things.

My bed n breakfast will be in THE HIVE Backpacker’s Hostel in Lavender Street. Some people on multiply suggest Cozy Corner , Sleepy Sam or Betel Box. But while searching for hostels on the internet, I found this place as a choice. I’ll pay SGD 50 for 2 nights. That includes twin room, AC, breakfast, Locker, Free Internet, Hot n Cold Shower, Cable TV, and Free usage of Kitchen Appliances!

The Kitchen free usage probably will be a good idea to bring some dried pasta like spaghetti and an instant spaghetti sauce to save some money on food. That will give me more budget for travelling or pay the museum’s admission fee.

But actually I still hope my sister’s friend there will invite us for dinner,since she has no more space for us in her shared apartement….


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