Weekend di Kota tua (2)

After walking along the passage near the Fatahillah Square (and stopped by at a fortuneteller) we decided to go to Cafe Batavia. It’s just across the Museum. It’s a two floors old building restored into a nice restaurant with a good view. I love the wooden floor, which is probably one of the original parts of the building that remains. The furniture is dominated by wooden stuffs, such as chairs, tables and the old armoire. They remind me of the furniture in my grandpa’s house in Bandung. The other details such as hanging lamps, batik prints, Malay-Chinese motifs etc bring back the memory of the old Dutch colonial era. (Look, suddenly  I want to go back to Theodore Poussin’s time!)

I’d like to write more about this place, but I think I should take more photos. All right, let’s see if I could go there again next weekend.


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