Buy Leather, Not Synthetics

My rule #1 for buying shoes and bags is “make sure they are genuine leather!” (or canvas/synthetic fiber).

I know some women who spend their money on expensive branded shoes and bags which aren’t leather. Let’s say, some of my friends are big fans of Charles and Keith. OK, I like some of Charles and Keith’s design but I am not a really fan of them. Most of their shoes and bags and purses are made from synthetics. And do you know what will happen with synthetics? They don’t last and they will flake!

So, I gave my appreciation to a local brand “BUCCHERI” for my cream shoes because they are REAL LEATHER! I love this brand because they seems serious in their shoes production from years ago (even when my mom was still young!). Their design is classic and timeless, which is good because you can use them in any occasion. The anatomy of the shoes is also great and it strongly holds your body weight. Buccheri also provides after sale service for your shoes. I really didn’t mind spending IDR 350.000 for the shoes.

Same rule for bags and purse. I would rather buy them in any fabric materials or bamboo, instead of synthetic leather if I couldn’t find a real leather. I don’t want to spend a lot for something which doesn’t last long.

One of my favorite bag (actually it used to be my mom’s)  is made from leather, and it’s a local brand. Well, actually there is no brand in it coz we bought it directly from the craftsmen’s studio. But it’s really… really a good quality. It’s been 20 years, I guess, but the leather is still soft and strong. I really like the design, coz it looks timeless and a little bit preppy with a long strap.

What I concern from this matter is that we often depend on branded things, when we actually can buy the same (even better!) quality from the small-medium industries in our countries.


2 respons untuk ‘Buy Leather, Not Synthetics

  1. AmeL berkata:

    wuih awet amat yah tas nya sampe 20 tahun masih bagus juga… ada fotonya gak? mau liat

    emang yah kulit lebih awet.. aku sih gak bgitu suka tas kulit..lebih suka tas dari kaen atau anyaman beli di pasar bringharjo jogja..lebih unik keliatannya..

    temenku ada tuh yg dibeliin tas C&K sama suaminya.. cuma 4 bulan aja dah terkelupas kulitnya! padahal harganya mayan mahaaal

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