Corneal Transplantation (A Daughter’s Diary) II : Eye Telescope

I almost made a drama if I couldn’t calm myself down before everything explodes. I am extremeeeely tiiiiired!

My legs are so tired and they hurt so much. As a person who drives to work everyday, facing the crazy traffic in a daily basis, I can’t express my feeling in such a way but “AAAAAARGHKKKKK!!!!”

This is a long weekend, that should have been a fantastic-calming-relaxing 4 days holiday, but it isn’t. I was going to spend my holiday by taking my mom to the spa on the first day and have the rest of the weekend for myself. But these legs really kill my mood. On the second day, I went to salon to have a body massage and scrubbing, but it was unsatisfying.

Then on the 3rd day I spent my day by lying on the bed, trying to forget the pain and watched a movie. Suddenly my mom came into my room and talked to me about the tool that she saw when she went to Mitra Netra. “It’s like a little telescope! I wanna know if I can have it! They say I can get it from the Low Vision Service Center of PERTUNI (the abbreviation for “Association of People with Low Vision). Can you find out where the Low Vision Service Center is?”

I was in the middle of the movie and it was almost climax. Mom came like a police officer who forces you to stand up, get out of your jail and and do the stone cracking with The Dalton Brothers. Driving again? To the southern outer part of Jakarta? To the edge of this city? *I wanted to cry*

But I tried to calm myself and said, “Okay, let’s go”.

There we went to the Low Vision Service Center. It’s in Nangka Street, Jagakarsa. I drove along Buncit Raya until the end of the road and found an intersection of Ragunan-TB Simatupang, then turned left. I went to Kampung Rambutan direction until I found Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) Building and turned left at Nangka Street. After a few meters there was a complex of Balkesmas PGI (Public Health Center of the Association of Churches of Indonesia) on the left, and the Low Vision Service Center’s building is inside of it. It’s a modest building, but we can see the sign clearly from outside of the gate.

We were welcomed by a young man who is very friendly. I forgot his name 🙂 I am sorry I can’t remember people’s name if we only meet once. It was actually a holiday, so we just visited to say hi and ask for some information about the Eye Telescope. The eye telescope is a tailored-design telescope for people with low vision. I don’t really understand how it works, but some people with keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea) might be helped by it. I am not sure if mom can use it, for her cornea is actually dirty and what she’s having is a photophobia. Anyway, she said she can see almost clearly if she peeps from a dark cylinder like a pipe or something.

Well, here is a sample of an Eye Telescope.

 And here’s my mom testing it
We agreed to come back on Monday to measure my mom’s vision and determine the best lens for her telescope. The telescope’s price is around 600.000-700.000 IDR, but it can be changed according to the measure and other condition. The young man said, they imported the materials from Italy. It seems like they are the only importer, since Jakarta Eye Center ordered it from them and sell the telescope in a double price.

Well, I hope the telescope will help her a bit. I still can feel that she hasn’t accept the reality yet. Sometimes she seems blaming others for her conditions (especially to me!) and it makes me crazy. For example, this morning she mumbled (read: grumbled) “well, it’s like I am getting blind day by day..” etc.

Nevertheless, she also told me that she’s been impressed and motivated by the spirit of the people in Mitra Netra, whose condition is worse than her. I really hope that she can start her Braille lesson soon, start a new activity with new friends and forgot about her low vision until the transplantation surgery commences.


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